We are a group of talented wedding planners, motivated by our industry passion and the true meaning of love.

We pride in doing all the 'hard', 'stressful', 'ready-to-give-up' work so our brides, grooms and their families can enjoy the wedding day.

Who are We?

Erika Lesmes
Marina Rodriguez
Maryori Lobato
Yendi Lobato
Laura Fonseca

Meet Our Team



We strongly believe that dreaming big and planning big will get you where your heart desires -This is our motto and what we aim to help our clients achieve.

We also strongly believe that the couple is our first priority and that great planners, make great weddings!


Our biggest dream is to continue providing amazing quality support to our clients so we can support new talent and help them achieve their career goals as wedding planners. After all, it is a gratifying cycle!